Reasons to be Cheerful…

25 Oct

…when the weather isn’t!

(edit: I wrote this post in a rush so decided to update it a few days later…enjoy!)

The nights are drawing (drawn) in, the leaves are turning and falling, and the weather is decidedly soggier. Summer may not have announced itself very loudly this year, but it’s clear to see that it’s well and truly over for 2012.

My Facebook feed is full of moaning whine-bags anyway but the oncoming winter seems to be inspiring a whole load of (pointless) observations and criticisms of the weather.

…but…this is Britain!…what do they expect to happen in October?!

I don’t like that it’s dark when I’m heading home from work (and when I get up, for that matter) but I do think it’s worth finding positivity in the winter months. After all, when the weather is being a bit miserable, it’s not going to cheer things up by adding to the misery. And anyway, I quite like the wet weather!

So, here’s my list of reasons to be cheerful when the weather is drizzling down upon your head…

    • Wellington boots! …wearing wellies makes every day feel like a festival (with a little imagination, anyway) and I can jump in puddles to my heart’s content.
    • Spiced Pumpkin lattes …I don’t much like Starbucks (weak coffee, slow servers, automated coffee machines and the whole tax issue) but I love their spiced pumpkin lattes. They make autumn better (and give me a little bit more winter ‘padding’)
    • Wrapping cold fingers around a hot cup of tea…especially if it’s been made on a camp stove, brewed in a thermal teapot and served in a melamine teacup!
    • Scarves and gloves and mittens and snoods and jumpers and shawls and blankets…and other snuggly things.
    • Coffee laced with brandy on cold winter mornings…and cold winter afternoons for that matter!
    • Frost! …de-icing the van isn’t much fun, but ice roses are utterly stunning, and there’s something magical about walking out into a frosty morning. Frozen lawns remind me of Willy Wonka’s ‘eatable’ grass, and the statues around the Gower memorial are especially beautiful on a frosty morning.
    • Hats with ears!…and faces! Oh my!
    • It’s nearly Christmas! …I’m not overjoyed at the idea, but my workmates assure me that Christmas is a happy time and that some people actually quite enjoy it!
    • Mince pies …I don’t like the day itself, but I’ll happily spend the two/three months before Christmas buying mince pies and then quickly trying to hide the evidence in my belly!

…hope you’re having a lovely Autumn!

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