14 Jun

Today was the day that Red was going to be ready. The plan was planned. But then at about 10.30pm last night I remembered that I hadn’t called the garage or heard from them either…and I started to worry…

Have I talked about Sod’s Law before? It hits me HARD all the time…it loves to wreck my plans. I knew that if I left for Warwick at 7am (the only time I could get a lift) and hung around til the garage opened then the likelihood would be that I’d end up disappointed and have to get a very expensive taxi home. On the other hand, if I’d have stayed at home and called the garage when it opened at 9.30am then the van would have been ready and then I’d not only have had to get a very expensive taxi, but I’d also be quite a bit behind schedule…what to do?

Well, I did head out at 7am to hang about in hope, and – just as predicted – the van is still awaiting parts.

Thanks, Universe!

But! I got to hang out with my friend Robin for a few hours, and I had a lovely taxi driver who chatted campervans with me all the way home, and my plans for camping with friends this weekend have been rained off anyway…so it’s not as bad as it could have been.

The new pick-up date is this weekend. Get your prayer mats out for me!

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One response to “*Grumpy*…

  1. Astrid | Pohutukawa PhotoGraphic

    June 15, 2012 at 1:19 am

    Fingers crossed for you!


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