Try Again…

09 Jun

Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched…and don’t count on annual leave before it’s booked! There I was feeling all adult for planning our France trip and starting to work out an itinery, and then I found out that I couldn’t have the day off work on Friday 27th…that’s the day before the wedding. The wedding in France

…cue a very un-adult few hours in which I huffed and puffed and attempted to find a way to finish work at 5.30pm and arrive in La Fontenelle just 18 hours later, having actually gotten some sleep somewhere along the way. The original plan of getting a Dover – Calais ferry and then driving the 300 miles to the venue was clearly not feasible in the time limit. I think we could have pulled it off, but the sleep deprivation might have made it hard to get through the wedding! I needed a new plan and so I started googling ferry crossings like a crazy person…

To cut a long (and boring) story short, after moaning and wailing and saying “Oh! It’s impossible!” and clutching my face like this, my beautiful and wonderful manager said that she’d lock up for me (on her day off) so that I could leave mid afternoon on Friday and give myself more time…and so we’ve gone for an adaptation of that sensible option that I discussed before…

Stratford-upon-Avon to La Fontenelle, via Portsmouth and Caen

It’s costing an absolute BOMB for a one way ticket, but the long crossing means that we can drive down to Portsmouth on Friday to catch a 22.45 ferry, then *fingers crossed* get some sleep in our little two-berth cabin (it seemed worth the extra money on an 8 hour crossing), before landing in Caen at 6.45 all ready for a continental breakfast and a two hour drive to the wedding! Well, that’s the plan for the moment anyway.

In the few hours when I didn’t have a plan for how we’d get there, my biggest panic was that I couldn’t book a return ticket home at all..not even in September…why?? For some reason none of the sites I was looking back offered a return crossing. I think it was my stress levels that stopped me realising that there were other ways to get back from France other than the way we’d gotten there, but once I realised that we could travel back from Calais to Dover (or, indeed, on any other crossing) I calmed down a whole lot. Now our outbound ferry is booked I feel almost Zen.

It actually might work better this way round, because we’ve got a whole 6 days to travel home after the wedding, so we can stay with our cousin a little longer and spend more time exploring Paris. We may have to sacrifice seeing Bayeux and the Normandy beaches, just because they’re going back along our route to La Fontenelle and will take hours out of our family and Paris time…but we’ll see about that…

In other news, I’ve managed to not only fill out my passport renewal form and find my old passport, but I also went as far as to get a new photo taken today (there was a horrible moment in the queue at the Post Office on Thursday, when I was patiently waiting to hand in my application and I suddenly realised that they’d probably need a picture too…whoops!…so home I went with my greasy hair) and it’s not a terrible picture either!…

16…and then 30 years old 🙂 I didn’t dare smile this time round in case it got returned to me and I missed the wedding!!

As you can see, I’ve discovered GHD hair straighteners in the time that’s elapsed between passports! Oh, and hello! Now you know I’m not just a faceless blogger 🙂

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