Food Miles…

24 May

I like to spend money. That is probably quite apparent from my ‘Oh! I just bought a campervan!’ and ‘I’ll just spend a whole bunch of money on vintage tableware!’…

I also like spending money on food. I like food.

Most workdays I treat myself to coffee and a pastry as I walk to work, then I end up buying something expensive for lunch, and before I know it I’ve spent £10 on food and drink alone. And then I usually buy something for dinner on the way home…

I resolved that I’d stop doing this and start buying food to make lunch instead (there’s no way I can eat £50 worth of cereal and ryvita in a week!), and so this week has been all about buying cheap edible things and, well, eating them! This week’s purchases included these tomatoes…

Tomatoes! (obviously)

I’ve done a bit of googling (I also like Google) and I figure that they were grown about 13 miles drive from where I bought them in Stratford. To be specific, it’s 13.1 miles, door to door. Yes, I’m lame. I even PrntScr-ed a map to illustrate both the small distance and my lameness…

Roly Holt to Bridge St Sainsbury’s

I would like to believe that Roly Holt also pack for Sainsbury’s and then deliver their fresh produce to stores in a certain radius, but I think that would be a little naive of me. In reality, these tomatoes have probably done a fair few miles for quality control and packaging before being sent to our local shop.

So I’ve made another resolution. Seeing as I’ll be doing a fair few miles with Old Red, it’s only fair that I try and reduce the miles my food has done. I’m going to try not to hit the supermarket to stock up for my trips, but instead I’ll find farm shops and honesty boxes along the way.

Besides the plain ol’ eco-mindedness of this (yes, I’m still pushing that…and still to add weight to the ‘I needed that Melaware’ argument), it’ll also be fun to use what’s in season and try and make meals out of things I don’t usually buy…AND support local businesses! Hurrah!

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